Are you in the market for Ojai Houses for sale? Or you’re looking for a change of scenery. Either way, you should consider one of the top 5 neighborhoods in Ojai. From rural farmland to scenic mountain views, there’s something for everyone here. This blog will explore the five best neighborhoods perfect for raising a family. 

What is the median income in Ojai?

The median income in Ojai is $60,714, and the unemployment rate has remained at 6%. With a population growth of +0.9%, it’s clear that people are moving here for good weather and an affordable living cost!

Is Ojai an affluent area? 

The average per capita income in Ojai is $45,550. This means that for every dollar residents earn, there are about six cents left over after taxes are paid. This equates to an annual income of 182,200! The lucrative nature of living on this small town’s coast has made it one popular location among high-end clients who want access to not just some beautiful scenery and good fortune.

Why is Ojai famous? 

Ojai is a hidden gem in the Southern California region, with its picturesque views and environmentally friendly locals. The town has been voted “Best Town to live” multiple times by magazines such as Architectural Digest – if you’re looking for something more than just big city life, this may be an ideal destination!

Is Ojai a nice place to Live? 

Ojai is an excellent place to live. It has a very small-town feel, with friendly people and beautiful scenery. The weather is mild and sunny most of the year, which is perfect for outdoor activities. And there are plenty of shopping and dining options within walking distance from downtown. Overall, it’s a great place to call home!

If you’re looking for the Best Ojai houses for sale, Here are the top 5 neighborhoods:

1. Rancho Matilija. 

Rancho Matilija provides a luxurious country lifestyle in the lush greenery of rolling hills and scenic views. This exclusive, gated community is home to magnificent estates on spacious lots and tree-lined streets with spectacular panoramic vistas that stretch from one end to another! 

2. Downtown Ojai.

 Downtown Ojai offers a more relaxed pace than most other downtown areas. This tightly-knit community has been fueled by smaller local businesses, independent restaurants, and stylish boutiques that will satisfy any craving or desire while visiting this picturesque town! 

3. The Arbolada. 

The Arbolada is a diverse neighborhood with winding roads and plenty of trees. Homebuyers have access to Mediterranean-inspired homes and midcentury ranch houses, all near Downtown Ojai!

4.  Saddle Mountain Estates. 

The exclusive Saddle Mountain Estates is a landscape of winding roads and wide-open spaces. This mountain-top community offers luxurious custom houses in sprawling lots surrounded by woodlands along Creek Road, where you can find some of the finest stables!

5. The East End. 

The East End is peppered with beautiful walking roads and challenging hiking trails, making it perfect for any walker or hiker who wants fresh air without going too far! It’s also just a few miles away from Downtown Ojai – with all sorts of delicious restaurants waiting for you when your day has done its job here at home.

Ojai is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. There’s something for everyone here, from the exclusive Top of Ojai neighborhood to the bustling downtown district. No matter your interests or lifestyle, you’ll find a place to call home in Ojai.

What to look for when house hunting in Ojai?- Ojai Houses for Sale

1. Look for a property in a good location – preferably close to downtown or in a quiet, scenic neighborhood.

2. Make sure the property has enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate your needs.

3. Check the roof’s condition and ensure no leaks or other repair issues must be addressed.

4. Inspect the plumbing system and ensure no leaks or signs of damage.

5. Look at the windows and doors’ state and ensure they are all in good condition with no signs of damage or wear and tear.

6. Check if the property has been adequately insulated – this will help keep your energy bills down.

7. Make sure that the property has been well-maintained and that there are no signs of neglect or disrepair.

8. Ask about the property’s history – you want to ensure that it has not been damaged by fire, floods, or other disasters.

9. If possible, try to get a sense of the property’s value by comparing it to similar properties in the area.

10. Once you have found a property that meets your needs and budget, be sure to have a professional home inspector look at it before making an offer. This will help you identify potential problems that could cost you money.

Need Help? 

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